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26.03.2023 - Disturbance made it into the Gallery!

  • Actually, I had something else important to do today. That's why I quickly occupied myself with something else and simply edited pictures from a concert 7 years ago. It's about Disturbance from the Netherlands, who played as headliners at the Kill your Idols Festival on 19.03.2016 at the Tommy-Weisbecker-Haus. Quick, risk an eye!.

16.03.2023 - New Logo

  • I finally made myself a new logo and can finally get rid of the 08/15 image of an aperture that I had all the time ;) There's still a bit of fine-tuning missing, but all in all I'm kind of satisfied.

13.08.2022 - New Galleries & Pictures

03.07.2022 - Started a new Blogpost

  • Oh yes, you read that right! The gent finally felt like writing a new blog entry! Okay, let's not get carried away! It's not finished yet. Not by a long shot. But a start has been made! Part 1 of 7 can be found here.

13.06.2022 - Some new Pictures

  • Exactly one year to the day after the last pictures I took of "Es war Mord", they played again. This time at the Fiesta Kreutziga and there are a few pictures in their gallery.

  • And once again there was a concert at the Wuhle Wagenburg where I took photos. Not so much of the bands, though, but more of the surroundings. Because I didn't know where to go, you can find them in the street photo gallery.

10.05.2022 - Added a new Band and lazy as ever

  • Added some Pictures of Aarg Fuck Kill from their really nice Gig on 29.04.2022 at the Wuhlheide Wagenplatz. Check them out. They play there again on 05.06.2022!

  • I have a lot of ideas and already have notes for blog posts on some interesting topics and a few trips I have made. But, as is often the case, either time or motivation is lacking. Soon, I promise ;)

08.01.2022 - Added the Subhumans to the Band Gallerie

  • A friend asked me if I had any photos of the Subhumans that she could use for an article in the German newspaper Junge Welt. I had, and I took the opportunity to upload the pictures here.
    The article is in issue 6/2022, page 10. You can also find it online here, but unfortunately only with a cropped photo.

28.09.2021 - Added a new Band and working on new Blogpost

  • Why? I had edited the photos directly after the concert of es war mord and sent them to the band, but did not upload them here. Again, why?

  • I also continued to write a Blogpost about my last vacation in croatia with lots of Pictures. Link when ready :)

21.06.2021 - Added a new Band and more Pictures of the Day

  • After the cool concert yesterday, I created an album for the three hip-hopers Refpolk & Sara & Sergio today. Be sure to check them out!

  • I also continued to upload pictures in the corresponding folders of the every-day-one-picture-challenge. Unfortunately not as regularly as planned, but better than nothing :)

27.05.2021 - Added a few galleries

  • I am slowly but surely filling the "Bands" galleries with content. Over the last 15 years I have photographed hundreds of bands at concerts, festivals, in the studio, on tour and otherwise. It's time to show the pictures here!
  • Added today: "Sunshine & Lollipop", who I met by accident at a video shoot exactly 4 years ago.
  • A few days ago I uploaded a few pictures of "Call the Cops", of which I have hundreds more...

10.02.2021 - Added a few galleries

17.01.2021 - Support page completed & Portfolio update

  • Today I finished the support page and included also donations via "Buy me a Coffee".
  • Of course, it can also be something other than a coffee... ;)
  • The last thing to do there is to integrate my Lightroom presets.
  • Uploaded a few newer Pictures to the Portfolio page

12.01.2021 - New Blogpost online

  • Another two months of laziness just ended.
  • I have just written a new blogpost. It's about a little photo tour to Potsdamer Platz and a bit of personal background.
  • Doing a little bit of clean up

18.11.2020 - Initially filling the website with content.

  • The very first blog entry about a new Lens I bought this Year is written
  • A few galleries are filled with a handfull pictures
  • Also this "news page" has been added, so you have an easy way to see what's new here.

15.11.2020 - Leaving the test environment

  • All design decisions have been made
  • the website has been extensively tested
  • So time to release the baby into the wild!
  • That means, since today online, but so far only filled with dummy content